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Hacks in Taiwan (HITCON) is a technique-oriented security conference held annually in Taiwan, targeting the information security community. In this year, we decided to combine HITCON CMT and HITCON Pacific into HITCON 2020. Introduce the most comprehensive and advanced technique research for the security community and enterprise.

HITCON’S speakers and participators come from all over the world. As the largest security technique conference, many hacker or student security communities in Taiwan participate in HITCON CMT. These make HITCON CMT the best way to establish network in Taiwan community.

Considering the situation of COVID-19, we would like to keep every our speaker’s healthy and safe. Therefore HITCON 2020 will be organized online.

Update 06/21: Fortunately, thanks to Taiwan‘s emergency response and healthy awareness, the threat of COVID-19 has been subsiding in Taiwan. Therefore, we are happy to announce that in this year, HITCON 2020 will also have scarce onsite physical events for Taiwan participants.


Date: Sep. 11-12, 2020

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If you have any privacy or security concern when contacting the HITCON Committee,you can communicate with us through the use of following PGP public key:
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