Call for proposals

Sep 11-12 2020 Online/Onsite in Academia Sinica

0. About HITCON 2020

Hacks in Taiwan (HITCON) is a technique-oriented security conference held annually in Taiwan, targeting the information security community. In this year, we decided to combine HITCON CMT and HITCON Pacific into HITCON 2020. Introduce the most comprehensive and advanced technique research for the security community and enterprise.

HITCON’S speakers and participators come from all over the world. As the largest security technique conference, many hacker or student security communities in Taiwan participate in HITCON CMT. These make HITCON CMT the best way to establish network in Taiwan community.

Considering the situation of COVID-19, we would like to keep every our speaker’s healthy and safe. Therefore HITCON 2020 will be organized online.

Update 06/21: Fortunately, thanks to Taiwan‘s emergency response and healthy awareness, the threat of COVID-19 has been subsiding in Taiwan. Therefore, we are happy to announce that in this year, HITCON 2020 will also have scarce onsite physical events for Taiwan participants.

1. HITCON 2020 theme

Herd Immunity for Cybersecurity

2. The call for paper

We welcome anyone to submit their information security related research paper. The length of the talk should be approximately 50 minutes and leaves some room for Q&A. For Taiwan speakers, they should come to our film studio and deliver their presentations. Note that the situation may change depending on the status of COVID-19. For foreign speakers, there is no need to be available on site, prepare your network stable and share your research. Also, please provide as much information as possible in the submission. Submissions with no slides and very vague descriptions will likely be rejected. The papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

To link our main theme, we call for paper including but not limiting to following topics:

  • Malware: Malware Analysis, Malware Development, APT/Cybercrime, Ransomware, Reverse Engineering
  • Exploit: Red Team, Bug Bounty, Exploit Development, Fuzzer, Wormable Vulnerability, Web AppSec
  • IoT: IoT security, IoT Protection, IoT Hacking & Exploit, IIoT security, Hardware Reversing Engineering, Radio Hacking
  • 5G Security
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hacking: Data Science for Security, Machine Learning (ML) & AI for Security, Hacking ML & AI, ML&AI Reasoning and Interpretation
  • Incident Response: Blue Team, CSIRT&PSIRT Operations, Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence
  • Enterprise Security: Cyber Security Framework, Cyber Range, Cyber Defense Verifications, Breach Attack Simulation, Patch Management
  • Talent Education: CTF, Cyber Range

3. How to submit

Please apply for an account at our CFP website(https://cfp2020.hitcon.org/) and submit through the website before the deadline.

Please direct all enquiries to cmt-agenda[at]hitcon.org

4. Important Dates

Start of Call for Paper: 1st Mar 2020

Call for Paper Deadline: 1st July 2020 Anywhere on Earth

Speaker Selection Completed: 1st Augest 2020

HITCON 2020: 11th September, 2020 - 12th September, 2020

5. Speaker Benefits

For regular sessions, in addition to the above, HITCON will provided a honorarium of US$300 for speakers.

For all sessions, HITCON will provide:

  • Join our VIP(9/11) party for the speakers come to the film studio.
  • Lunch and desserts during the conference will be provided for the speakers come to the film studio.
  • Souvenir

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More on contact [email protected]

If you have any privacy or security concern when contacting the HITCON Committee,you can communicate with us through the use of following PGP public key:
Key ID: E40856AA Fingerprint = BE1D 0B31 2271 079C CB45 001E 76B9 DFE6 E408 56AA The public key is available at:PublicKey Download